You certainly may use my comments as a testimonial and I will let everyone know about this wonderful product. 
My fence end spacers arrived today and I am very pleased and I'm
so glad to have found your product. 
I recently had a fence installed for my English Setter and I was not prepared for the large gaps where the corner posts meet the house and the 
carport.  The fence at my previous house had probably been
 there 60 or 70 years and I guess back then they didn't
 care if they cracked the foundation to lay the posts. 
 Those posts are right against the house.  At any rate, I
 had placed some temporary fixes (boards) in the gaps after a
 dog managed to get inside my dog's yard but I was still
 worried that anything aggressive could knock those over if
 it wanted so I started looking for something better to fill
 the gaps and found you.  I finally feel like I have the
 safe and secure yard for my dog that I intended.  Thank you
 and Merry Christmas. Alabama 
The Howell Family
I'm so pleased with the adjustments that were done to my fence. My biggest concern was in how close you were going to be able to put the post next to my house and how secure my fence would be for my small dogs. This was going to be a problem because when the house was built, the concrete foundation extended out past the siding. The fence end spacer looked after all my concerns and looks great. When people visit they always comment on my fence spacers and what a great idea it was for someone to come up with so go to the Dog-safety.com.
Mrs. Howell, Lucedale MS.
The Ray Family
One of our beloved pets were recently hit and killed because he wondered onto the road, we then decided to fence in our yard for protection of our other dogs. We contacted Barter Fence and explained to them what we needed to accomplish with the fence. We wanted a safe area in our yard that was secure enough that our 4 dogs could not wonder off. We are extremely satisfied with the results of our new fence. 
The Barton Family
Barter Fence did exactly as we instructed and safely secured that small space between the house and fence and the deck and the fence with the Barter Fence End Spacer, which is very sturdy and looks very professional. We now have peace of mind knowing that our pets are safe and secure in our new fenced in yard and our pets are also safe from animals wandering into our yard. Thanks Barter Fence for the great job that you did for our family and pets.
Mary Barton Lucedale MS. 
the Baker Family
I would like to recommend Mr. Barter's invention for finishing fence with an attachment that goes between the fence and the house wall. We have animals and this attachment, the fence end spacer keeps them in and other animals out of our yard. We have had many fences over the years, but this is the most complete and finished fence we've ever had, I don't know why someone has not come up with this idea. Many of our friends have commented on our fence and the new spacer attachment. 
Thank you Janet  Lucedale 

Romansky, Todd

Hello, Robert
I just wanted to thank you for the quick turnaround for our custom order!  We received it yesterday and it's already installed and it fits perfect and looks great!  Much appreciated!!!


The Lakey Family

I have two small dogs, one of which is a practiced escape artist. When Barter Fence installed my fence they added the fence end spacers. At the time I did not know how important this would turn out to be to the security of my much loved pets, but after watching Beasley search the perimeter for an opening to escape, I now realize how important the spacers are to their safety. Also, since I had the fence erected, my month old grandson enjoys the freedom of the outdoors and I enjoy the freedom of worry, thanks to the fence spacers. It is not possible for him to squeeze between the fence and the house because of these spacers. I can easily see the importance of these fence spacers to the safety to both small children and pets.

Carolyn, Lucedale MS 


The Swinington Family

Thanks---yes, we want one 4ft. standard galvanized unit to attach to a chain link post. We'll look forward to hearing from you...Dave Sending you a picture, Boo Hoo ,,,back in jail! Fit the bill perfectly, happy to do business with you! Dave Thanks again,,, I'll defiantly pass the word

Dave, Solana Beach CA 


The Tisdale Family

My wife and I were very pleased with the job your company had done for us in 2007. We are glad that someone had finely come up with a fence product that fills in the space between the fence and the house. We both have been asked about it from family and friends, they stated how it made the fence look real good. If not for your product we would have a space for the dogs to get out of our yard. We were pleased to see that you chose to use the picture of our fence and dogs for the advertising of your new product. We wish you much success.

Manley, Lucedale MS 


The Sprout Family:

Hello, I love the Fence End Spacer; it was exactly what I needed before our new dog came home. It took about 5 minutes to install and it might even keep the groundhogs out as well as the dog in.

Thank you.

Mrs Sprout:  New Jersey                                                                                         
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