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We designed our Fence End Spacer product to serves our own fence customers & for it to be made available for purchase by the Do-It-yourself handy-person and Fence Contractors. Our product will not only provide you with a professional finish, but more importantly the security and safety that your fence should provide.

Some years back, an episode of the TV show COPS was aired, it was about a dog escaping into the neighborhood from a fenced in yard. The dog had escaped by squeezing through  gap opening between the fence post and the owners house. This escaped dog had terrorized the whole neighborhood for an extended period of time before being captured. During his escape this otherwise friendly neighborhood pet had killed neighborhood cats and had terrorized a complete neighborhood. The local News reported that luckily the neighborhood children were in school at the time of the incident. All this could have been prevented with a properly secured yard and the loss of all these beloved avoided.

Our spacers are easy to install and simply attach to the end post with two 5/16"x 2 1/2" U-bolts which are included with each spacer. The Spacers are also designed for left handed and right handed installation. The spacer can be easily removed for siding or other structure renovations or simply loosened and swung to one side or temporarily removed for repair access. If home repairs were to be done and the end posts were installed tight against the structure, the fence post would required to be taken up, not only would this add additional costs for the repairs but would render the fence unsecured.


As this picture belowshows , this customer required a spacer that was shorter than their 4 ft. fence. The end post  was  installed next to a wooden deck post set in cement and this would have left a sizable opening.They decided to fence in their back yard after one of their dogs had been hit and killed by a car. They wanted to protect the rest of their dogs and cat from the road and other dogs that roamed the neighborhood.

Our fence end spacers are manufactured from tubular steel and welded for strength and durability. They are color coated for installation with galvanized and vinyl coated chain link fencing products and are available in a variety of popular colors.

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