This photo gallery demonstrates some gap openings that would require to be secured. This problem occurs when a end post has to be installed next to an existing post. This could be the case when installing up against an existing fence or even a deck. The cement used to secure the fence or deck posts will prevent another post from being installed close enough to close the gap and will create an opening that would have to be filled in order to secure the fenced in area

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Not only do our fence end spacers fill the gap between the terminal/end post and house, they also can be special ordered to fit  any size gate frame  to fill the gap between the gate frame and gate posts. An improperly installed gate will provide a gap opening large enough for a small dog to escape through or to gain access. Our custom made spacers also come with an extended fork to replace the standard fork of the latch assembly so that your gate is latched properly to secure and protect your pet.

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Even a Year after Randy got his Sapcer

Randy McGee Jul 27 at 11:59 AM

. Robert ( > Great product. Unique in the market! Well constructed. Great customer service and delivery. Easy, quick installation. I recommend your Fence End Spacers to anyone that has a fence that needs them. Due to pr-existing house foundation and block wall footer, my only other choice would have required digging and rock sawing a notch in the foundation and footer. Not a pleasant task and not recommended except as a last resort. Your Spacer saved a huge amount of work! On a side note, you might consider offering a "closed" top and bottom version as an option. We had some worries about larger dogs with collars jumping up and getting "hanged" from the collar going over the open bars on the top or digging and getting stuck on the bottom. Solved our concern by just taking off their collars on the bigger dogs! Thanks for a great product and service! (and yes, this response is about a year past due! Life seems to get in the way of living sometimes!) Randy

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